About Bouledogue Tout Noir

Racing with Precision and Guts since 2007
One cold, wintry day, a handful of cyclists were discussing the challenges they faced living and training in Chicago. Instead of bemoaning the daily commute, the rides on pot-holed streets strewn with glass, and the miserable winters; they decided to band together and turn these challenges into strengths. It was at that point that they said goodbye to the suburban-based cycling teams they were currently riding with and decided to form Bouledogue tout noir. Today the team has riders in five U.S. states (Illinois, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Oregon) and has been victorious in at least one regional or national championship in each year of its existence. Some of its riders are internationally ranked, and past members of the team have signed regional and professional contracts. 
For its first two years, the Bouledogues were supported by local and national businesses, but in 2009 the riders elected to change the focus of the team and dedicated most of its modest advertising space to the promotion of principled charities. The team has found that charitable organizations (which seek to uplift and support the less fortunate) rather than corporate entities and businesses (which seek financial profit and personal gain) follow principles that are more in line with the goals of a cycling team. While Bouledogue riders always race to win, they have found that victories come more often in an environment of mutual support, friendship, solidarity, and success. 
On the race course, the team aims to prove that one can build a competitive amateur cycling team regardless of the environment and careers of its members, and that sport does not end with school. The team name, Bouledogue tout noir, translates to “All-black Bulldog” which reflects both the tenacity and interests of our riders. With a roster of male and female riders, Bouledogue tout noir will continue to perform throughout the United States and Europe.

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